Forums Update, Tips and Tricks - Please Read!

Started by stephaneb 5 years ago12 replieslatest reply 5 months ago1720 views
It's been a few months since the launch of the new forums.  Here are a few thoughts. The thumbsup and beer buttons    If there is one thing that could have a...

Wifi module prefered interface

Started by JackTravis 2 weeks ago5 replieslatest reply 22 hours ago67 views
Hi, Wondering if someone could detail the pro and cons of using a programmable Wifi module VS a AT command controlled one. I never was a big fan of AT commands...

analog linear amplifyer connected to a plasma transmission device

Started by gillhern321 2 days ago6 replieslatest reply 1 day ago41 views
Plasma devices are NOT my forte but being asked to help out another engineer, i couldn't refuse. so here I am (sigh).Testing analog linear amplifier to a plasma...

Sending Data From TI TM4C123GH6PM to an HD4478 LCD with a PCF8574T I2C Backpack

Started by Elliott_Embedded 7 days ago6 replieslatest reply 4 days ago58 views
Hello everyone, I am trying to write a program that will enable me to send data from my TI microcontroller to the very common HD4478 LCD. Rather than utilizing a...

Audio Signal Filter

Started by RogerG 2 months ago15 replieslatest reply 2 months ago216 views
I am after some help.A few years ago I built an analogue signal audio filter to provide high frequency, mid range and low frequency for my audio amp. This works...

Determining the index of a value in a struct

Started by MaxMaxfield 3 months ago9 replieslatest reply 3 months ago79 views
This is based on some questions I posed (and you all answered) before. Suppose I have declared NUM_SETTINGS to be equal to 3. Let's also assume I've defined FRED...

Formal Verification of Software

Started by MaxMaxfield 3 months ago10 replieslatest reply 3 months ago87 views
I'm just trying to get a feel for things here. I'm a hardware design engineer by trade. I'm familiar with the concepts of formal verification with regard to designing...

HardFault during erasing Flash in debug mode

Started by ayoubt 3 months ago4 replieslatest reply 3 months ago67 views
I've written a custom bootloader using C to run on ARM cortex_M4 but I had a HardFault exception when using the debug mode. This exception appears just in debug...

Interfacing MSP430 FRAUNCHPAD with MAX30102

Started by slow_breath 4 months ago2 replieslatest reply 3 months ago70 views
Hi all, I'm trying to interface the MAXIM MAX30102 with the MSP430FR5739 using I2C protocol. I'm using pull-up resistors (4.7 KOhm) on SDA and SCL lines, using...

Buffer size for SPI communication using MC20XS4200 in daisy chain configuration.

Started by semrade 4 months ago2 replieslatest reply 4 months ago59 views
Dear All Hello, I am using the MC20XS4200 to control 6 outputs motor and bulb loads. The PCB board contains 3 MC20XS4200, each MC20XS4200 has 2 channels. The MC20XS4200...

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