Embedded Software Development: The Open-source Approach (Embedded Systems)

Ivan Cibrario Bertolotti 2015

This book provides readers with a thorough, hands-on knowledge about the software side of embedded systems development. The discussion spans a range of topics from software development tools to useful runtime modules, always focusing on open source components which are starting to gain popularity in embedded systems. Although it includes advanced topics, the book is written in a way that enables the average practitioner, even those without significant previous experience, to grasp the...

Real-Time Embedded Systems: Open-Source Operating Systems Perspective

Ivan Cibrario Bertolotti 2012

From the Foreword:

"…the presentation of real-time scheduling is probably the best in terms of clarity I have ever read in the professional literature. Easy to understand, which is important for busy professionals keen to acquire (or refresh) new knowledge without being bogged down in a convoluted narrative and an excessive detail overload. The authors managed to largely avoid theoretical-only presentation of the subject, which frequently affects books on operating systems.

… an...