Booth/Stand: 3A-517

EPIC Semiconductors, Inc.

EPIC's micro SoC AI Chip is a Battery-free, Energy Harvesting Sensor with Integrated Pre-Quantum Superposition Processor and Artificial Intelligence that Wirelessly and bi-directionally Communicates with the cloud.

Our AI chip senses human action (like presence, gesture, and touch), physical forces (temperature, pressure, vibration, humidity, etc.), chemical reaction and even vital signs of any living organisms.

Booth/Stand: 4A-261

Imagination Technologies Group Ltd

Imagination's PowerVR graphics, vision & AI and Ensigma connectivity cores enable innovation from automotive to mobile, entertainment and networking. Our technologies are designed to integrate seamlessly and optimally into complete platforms for IoT and embedded that help deliver fast time to market and compelling differentiation. Discover more about how you can access our technologies. Visit our booth for a meeting and private demos.

Booth/Stand: 1-338


Experience examples of how Intel’s ecosystem and developer offerings can reduce the challenges of developing AI-centric solutions and improve business outcomes. See the benefits and capabilities of the new Intel® Vision Accelerator Design products, OpenVINO™ toolkit, the Intel® Neural Compute Stick and IoT Request for Proposal (RFP) Ready kits for AI.

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Booth/Stand: 2-551

VIA Technologies, Inc.

Experience the latest cutting-edge innovations for Edge AI, IoT, and Computer Vision solutions for a host of transportation, industrial, and smart city applications. Visit VIA booth to test our ADAS demo, check how good our facial recognition software is, and play around with smart lock and solar panel -powered IP camera. Also, don't miss out on our industrial automation solutions!

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