Systems engineer specialising in motion control oriented towards industrial automation, robotics and remotely piloted vehicles.

Re: What are the odds? (Random Numbers)

Reply posted 4 weeks ago (02/01/2021)
For interest, I once used an algorithm for encryption based on a deck of playing cards. This method was used during WWII as soldiers often carried cards and would...

Re: Skillsets from 8-bit, 16-bit, 32-bit

Reply posted 2 months ago (12/21/2020)
Hi there. If you program in C utilizing factory provided libraries, the same compiler and IDE/toolchain, then there's not a great deal of difference, bearing the...
There is more to consider than simply the width of the internal architecture of the CPU. The first thing to look at is the width of the data bus. If this is only...

Re: Software expands to fill the memory available

Reply posted 1 year ago (11/14/2019)
The concept of "free" memory is spilling over to the MCU playing field. It's a catch-22 as companies demand a quick turnaround hence the need for a high level development...

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