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Vala applications on Embedded Linux: maybe a clever choice [part 1]

Felipe Lavratti December 19, 2016

Vala is a sexy, open source, high level programming language that appeared in 2006, it counts with a modern typing system, is object oriented, compiled and statically typed, it has a almost identical syntax to C# and is maintained by GNOME. The language was created as a power abstraction of the GLib and GTK libraries, two considerably lightweight and powerful libraries written in C, and it is used in projects such as GNOME Clocks, Shotwell, GXml and Elementary OS.


Re: Embedded Systems Engineer Interview Questions

Reply posted 4 years ago (06/20/2019)
Oh well, it depends on what you are looking for and how is the culture at your company. I am mostly working for startups, in places where we don't usually invest...

Re: RTOS vs Bare-Metal

Reply posted 5 years ago (05/03/2018)
> Pre-emption is required (the ability for a task to interrupt another task)You can achieve preemption with ISR cascade, so you do have alternative to RTOS with...

Re: RTOS vs Bare-Metal

Reply posted 5 years ago (05/03/2018)
The best argument I read so far, IMO, was about the `Trust and control` from dnj.Besides Trust and Control, I'd also add simplicity. I try my best to keep everything...

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