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I develop embedded software for medical devices, including all software-related documentation needed for regulatory submission.

Re: [ESP32] [ESPIDF] Simoultaneous interrupt handling

Reply posted 9 months ago (09/06/2023)
Sampling a set of GPIOs is extremely fast.  You could easily do it in an ISR that runs off a timer, a periodic RTOS task, or as part of a timed superloop, and still...

Re: [ESP32] [ESPIDF] Simoultaneous interrupt handling

Reply posted 9 months ago (09/06/2023)
This is the kind of thing I would sample at a fixed frequency, say 100 or 200 Hz, where the sample period is far shorter than any reasonable duration of touch. Then,...

Re: Advice on Re-schooling?

Reply posted 2 years ago (03/03/2022)
IoT, Embedded Linux, and cybersecurity are indeed the hot trends, but those worlds are large and will require a significant time investment to get up to speed.  Taking...
No problems for the site, and I thought the copywriting was solid as well.  Looking forward to it!

Re: Digital PID controller in velocity form

Reply posted 5 years ago (08/09/2019)
Yes, both of your ideas are correct. That said, I really don't like implementing anti-windup by limiting the integrator state.  I much prefer to have limits on...

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