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Have worked in Embedded Firmware Development for over 3 decades. Am currently working in the area of Industrial/Military grade UPS systems and power conditioners.

Re: Another Noddy Question

Reply posted 3 years ago (06/08/2021)
You aren't overloading the definition of '0'.  The first element is the number of valid datum in that line so a 0 in the 0th position of a line has a different...
First crude guess, you have declared INTVEC twice with two different ranges.  It isn't clear if "INTVEC" is tied to a fixed size representing the entire interrupt...

Re: STM32: Manchester Coding with bit banging problem

Reply posted 6 years ago (11/29/2017)
I have not tried to follow your logic beyond the general notion of you sampling the received data attempting to do the decode.  Recommend you consider using edge...

Re: MSP430G2553 clock speed

Reply posted 7 years ago (05/29/2017)
I think you may have a chart of voltage versus speed and misinterpreted it -- pick the speed (in this case 8 Mgz) and the chart will show the minimum voltage you...

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