Mike Hooper (@mikethewire)

Electronics design/test/repair engineer. Also experienced in application of digital controls, PCB design and build, custom power supply solutions and embedded computer controls. Learning Lazarus (object pascal), Python and 'C', repair to component level, analogue servo controls, remote motion control and remote cine camera control. Prototype analogue electronics design/build/test. Also PIC programming in assembly.

Re: Firmware vs Flash programming

Reply posted 2 months ago (04/10/2024)
I agree with Steve.My 2 pence...Firmware = The program / operating system (OS) residing in (permanent) memory.flash memory = physical solid state storage/(permanent)...

Re: Connecting USB generates voltage spikes in circuit.

Reply posted 2 years ago (03/23/2022)
You've probably done this but the supply rails to your more sensitive analogue circuitry should be better filtered and stablised, as per methods above, compared...
...in a potential divider?  Or maybe some 3.3v zeners

Re: Interface mems microphone to microcontroller

Reply posted 2 years ago (12/06/2021)
Hi,Can't you just divide the existing supply rail? Plenty of low voltage In. Amps around

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