Gary Zwan (@olzeke)

embedded s/w beta tester (ARM), test equipment technician, robotics hobbyist, currently retired

Re: Recommendation of uC for smart home project.

Reply posted 3 years ago (01/21/2021)
Ambitious Project - doable on the controlling side, the logic decisions on the rPi would be the tough part - imo..get a 26 volt AC transformer, some contactors or...
I came from 8 bit world - we had 8 bit PARALLEL ports. the 32-bitters are hard to get a good parallel port read - its all I2C/SPI now-a-days.  With the faster chips...

Re: A new way of looking at Embedded Systems

Reply posted 4 years ago (04/12/2020)
I hope you all have lots of stamina.  Universal anything is hard to accomplish.Your goal appears to be a mix of Arduino/mbed/++ .  Communications standards willbe...

Re: Using IR Photodiode as a sensor

Reply posted 6 years ago (01/05/2018)
1)I assume they both share the same Ground between the different power sources.'2)Your drawing indicates the ir receiver is wired..the internet shows both positions...
Can't help with the Windoze sharing COM data/ports.You did ask about devices with 1 serial in and several serial outs.Coridiumcorp @dot@ com  has a series of ARMbasic...

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