Thanks for the help.
I checked more slowly and carefully and had a pin in the air. check the code again and it works correctly. Thanks for the help.
Hi everyone, I have the following configuration code to work with the I2C in the LPC2148.  I need to use three memory slave devices of the 24LC256 series.  I...
Thank you very much, you were correct the problem was not in the UART functions of sending or receiving. I was in a function that was overflowing an array.
What you raise is correct, I made the changes you recommended but the problem continues. I must emphasize that upon receiving 6 continuous data frames, the microcontroller...
Hello everyone,  I have configured the UART1 of my LPC2148 with speed(9600 / 8bits / N parity /1bit stop)  with interruption.  The UART1 connects to an ESP-01...

LPC2148 UART0 and UART1

New thread started 4 years ago
I have configured my LPC2148 to use both serial ports below the configuration: void uart0_init(void) //9600 BAUDIOS pclock 48MHZ { PCONP...

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