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Hardware design and firmware development of of embedded systems and instrumentation. Project management covers a range of responsibilities from concept, specification, hardware design, software development, schematic capture, PCB layout, prototyping, and documentation to produce a production ready product. Projects have included sensor interfacing, analog signal path, analog to digital and digital to analog conversion, digital, and microcontroller hardware design in addition to using C and assembly language programming of 8, 16, and 32 bit microcontrollers for real time control functions.

Here is a circuit that I have used to denounce a switches in various hardware designs. The circuit using U1 generates high going pulse. The circuit using U2 generates...

Re: ARM lpc2388 RTC with external crystal

Reply posted 6 years ago (09/09/2018)
Check the crystal specification. There is a voltage sensitivity of a crystal's frequency to the voltage driving it.  You did not specify the power supply voltage...

Re: LIN BUS output terminated to LIN supply voltage ?

Reply posted 7 years ago (02/17/2017)
Yes, in the recessive state. see block digram on page 4, figure 1. read the lin bus specification.
can bus is a multi drop connection. the tranceivers' outputs  are wired in parallel, so in this cse there are two other can bus devices connected to the can bus...

Re: ADC p16F917

Reply posted 7 years ago (02/13/2017)
1. You are not setting up the clock selection bits in the configuration register. The default is for an external RC oscillator. see page 185 of the datasheet. 2....
I have used two methods.The first is to use a 0.025” square post header. The diagonal of the square post is a little over 0.035”. The holes should be 0.036”...

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