You probably know about how video can make a powerful impact on your prospects and customers. It is the fastest-growing segment in marketing today. But you may be putting it off because of worries about cost or production challenges, or perhaps your lack of experience.

The easiest way to bring video into your marketing mix is to capture an already planned live event such as a trade show, road show, demo, seminar or speech. You have already put the work into developing the content for the live event. Your presenter has practiced and is knowledgeable about the topic. Why not put that event on video and dramatically multiply the number of people who can see and benefit from that content.

We make it easy to do this. Our professional videographer will travel to your event, capture the moment and then work with you to edit, publish and promote the video(s) on your channels and ours. We all know how challenging it can be to consistently develop meaningful content for marketing. This video approach can give you a whole new library op content with almost no extra effort. And the results could be huge.

Talk to us about helping you capture and repurpose the content from an upcoming event. We will put together a cost-effective proposal to help you maximize the impact of the event and multiply the value of the work you put into it. Below are some examples of what we have done with other companies. What can we do for you?

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