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Blogs Section Now Online!

Stephane BoucherSeptember 18, 2007

I am happy to announce that the blog section is now online.

Last week, I sent an email to all the members of EmbeddedRelated.com to ask for embedded systems experts who would be interested in blogging on the site. The response was very positive and I have selected 10 highly qualified individuals who will soon be writing here about all sorts of embedded systems related subjects. I am currently in the process of receiving their info (bio, photo, username, etc) and creating their bloggers' accounts. So it's just a matter of days before this section gets crowded with some very good content.

Once I am done creating all the accounts, I'll write a new post in which I will introduce the bloggers.

If you have any suggestion on how this section could be improved, please feel free to use the comments system down bellow or contact me direclty.

And by the way, I am going through the same process on DSPRelated.com, in case you are working with DSPs...

Memfault Beyond the Launch

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