Favorite Software AND Hardware Tools for Embedded Systems Development

Stephane BoucherOctober 5, 2022

Last year, at the Embedded Online Conference, we interviewed the speakers and asked them what were some of their favorite software and hardware tools for Embedded development.  

We aggregated all their answers in one insightful video that you can watch here.

Although you should really watch the video in order to get the full picture, I've compiled the following non-exhaustive list for the fun of it (again, I cannot overstate enough how much valuable watching the video will be to you):

Jack Ganssle

  • Mix Signal Oscilloscope  "A decent mix-signal scope today is a phenomenal tool
  • Software: Metrics Tools, like SourceMonitor or RSM for example

Colin O'Flynn

Dave Nadler

  • C++ "C++ is both a horrendous and a fantastic tool"
  • GCC
  • Scope (MSO3054T)
  • Debug Probe (J-Link)

Jacob Beningo

  • Logic Analyzer
  • Debug probe
  • Tracing Tool (Tracealyzer)
  • Python for pulling data

James Grenning

Colin Walls

  • Piece of paper and a pencil "If you write the code down and think it through before you start before typing it in your IDE, you'll spend less time debugging later"
  • Power/Energy Analyzer

Shawn Prestridge

Elecia White

  • The Arduino ("or the idea of cheap dev boards")

Miro Samek

Don Wilcher

Max the Magnificient (Clive Maxfield)

Sergio Prado

  • Oscilloscope
  • Mutlimeter
  • Logic Analyzer

Matt Liberty

Johan Kraft

Adam Taylor

Tyler Hoffman

  • PyCharm and Clion
  • GDB
  • Environment manager (Conda)
  • Alfred (for clipboard manager, check out the video for why Tyler uses a clipboard manager, very interesting idea!)

Jean Labrosse

Kate Stewart

Niall Cooling

Helen Leigh

What about you?  Please feel free to share what your favorite tools are in the comments system down below, or in this forum thread.

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