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I have an Associates degree in Electronics and I loved it so much I got a EE degree and then took extra EE classes and took several/many graduate level math courses. I love electronics, embedded microcontroller programming, math, physics, coaching baseball, history, etc.

Re: how to start work on bldc motor control

Reply posted 9 months ago (07/24/2023)
Hi Anoop,You need to start with looking for manufacturing (and any other) information you can find on the exact make and model of the motor you are trying to control....
If you drop the frequency much lower, does your signal get through correctly?
You're not picking up what I am putting down.
What happens if you disconnect the "ADJ" line on theĀ LM1117 from everything else?Does the output ("OUT") line of the LM1117 drop to 0V with a small load attached...

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