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I have over 30 years of experience in electronic design, software and firmware development, and instrumentation and control systems development. My experience in development and manufacturing runs the gamut from industrial solid-state timers, embedded controllers for industrial applications, to computerized scientific test equipment and FDA-compliant environmental monitoring systems.

Re: PID controller help

Reply posted 6 years ago (01/18/2018)
The swinging of the temperature seems to be due to how radically your output is changing, it looks like either the tuning constants you are using are too aggressive,...

Re: PID controller help

Reply posted 6 years ago (01/18/2018)
jbean - One important piece of information I don't see is how the output is changing, large output swings can be causing your jitter. And can we assume that the...
Excellent explanations by all posters, thank you all. The volatile keyword is very important when using optimizing compilers. I do not work with any RTOS's in my...

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