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I am a consulting Design Engineer with 20+ years of experience in Analog, Digital and Optoelectronic Design, Prototype fabrication and test, Field work, and Customer training. I try to be a Total Solution person who finds and implements expedient and cost effective solutions to a wide variety of problems. I can modify existing systems or create entirely new products that work with an existing product line. At this moment I am working on human proximity sensing for a burglar alarm, a publicity robot to march in a parade, and an underwater robot to search ship hulls for damage.

There is nothing to be gained in speed or power to use an int8 on a 16 bit or 32 bit processor.  That processing width has already been paid for so you might as...

Re: PID controller help

Reply posted 6 years ago (01/18/2018)
The slope of any regular oscillation will be equal to or less than the slew limit which is likely also the initial power-on slope.  In your plot you may have about...

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