Stepan Podhorsky (@steven01)

Digital PID controller in velocity form

New thread started 5 years ago
Hello all,I have been facing a problem how to implement digital PID controller. I have studie a lot of books and articles about that and in all the books I have...

Re: LED blinking patter

Reply posted 7 years ago (09/14/2017)

LED blinking patter

New thread started 7 years ago
I need to produce LED blinking pattern shown in the third axis (Resulting_pattern) in attached figureI have decided to implement this with two software oscillators....

Re: Communication protocol implementation

Reply posted 7 years ago (04/04/2017)
Hello all,thank you for your reactions. Excuse me for vague description. My task is to implement dedicated communication protocol which was developed by someone...
Thank you very much for your help Tim Wescott. My idea behind the bits array isn't to completely block/unblock the processing of PI controller or ramp functions...
Hello,I have been developing control software based on #FreeRTOS. I have divided thewhole software into several tasks (the first executed every 1 ms, the second...

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