Tom Rogers (@trogers531)

Too long to easily condense: embedded systems designs from before the VLSI revolution, software and hardware systems starting in the mid to late days of minis, RTL, DTL, TTL and CMOS, pal style logic chips to arrays to fgpas, too many analog and digital instrument designs at a major research center to list, and somehow I'm managing to still be chugging along...

Re: One-Hot or Not?

Reply posted 3 years ago (06/08/2021)
The relevant detail is the meaning, not the representation. In the one-hot state machine representation the meaning of the four bits is the machine’s current state;...

Re: Fundamental frequency of a Guitar string

Reply posted 6 years ago (06/30/2018)
OK, so there’s a few things here...Firstly, the ‘harmonics’ aren’t harmonics in the classical sense; they’re ‘partials’, and their frequency isn’t...

Re: Cooperative scheduling

Reply posted 6 years ago (06/02/2018)
Yup, that’ll work pretty much as described. There’s always that dang problem of dealing with variability of the outside world, even simple stuff like the size...

Re: Cooperative scheduling

Reply posted 6 years ago (06/02/2018)
Hmm. Yup, sounds just right. Very like several systems I’ve done over the years. Something very much like what you’ve described was successfully built into a...

Re: vxWorks on Beaglebone Black

Reply posted 6 years ago (02/05/2018)
Okay, haven’t been able to get too far into the documentation for Sitara - Beaglebone support packages yet, but it seems pretty clear from the website info that...

Re: vxWorks on Beaglebone Black

Reply posted 6 years ago (01/31/2018)
I’ll have to take a look at the current distribution appropriate for the Beaglebone hardware architecture, what is included these days, how it should fit into...

Re: vxWorks on Beaglebone Black

Reply posted 6 years ago (01/30/2018)
It’s been awhile since I did an initial install and configuration of vxWorks, different processors, too. But I still work with these systems every day, and it’s...

Re: Inexpensive System on Module with WiFi, BT and HDMI

Reply posted 6 years ago (10/13/2017)
The Beaglebone Black WiFi is another recent and interesting option you might consider, but none of the popular hobbiest/evaluation module boards are appropriate...

Re: RCM6600W WiFi+Ethernet disconnected crashes

Reply posted 7 years ago (02/07/2017)
Yup, if you're having crashes it's likely related to the thing that has changed, i.e., the Ethernet interface (I'm assuming the cable you're unplugging is connected...

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