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A discussion group for the PICMicro microcontroller. Also called the Microchip PIC, this list is dedicated to the use and abuse of this fine, simple, microcontroller. Close to topic posts are welcome, ie. general electronics.


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PIC 16F1827 not running   [8 Articles]

Andrew - Apr 27 2014
Hi, I am working on a project using a PIC 16F1827, using it's internal oscillator running at 8MHz. I can download firmware into the micro and verify that the code has successful... PIC 16F1827 not running

PIC24HJ64GP502 UARTs will not receive   [2 Articles]

0 - Dec 10 2012
I am attempting to establish serial communications with UART1 or 2=20 on a PIC24HJ64GP502. MPLAB IDE v8.76 and c30 v3.30.=20 I am using a MAX232 and serial-USB converter to a W... PIC24HJ64GP502 UARTs will not receive

PIC A/D and Voltage Divider   [12 Articles]

Max - Apr 24 2011
This group has been way too quite for too long. I thought I'd liven things up a bit by asking a question. I would like to use the on chip A/D converter in a Pic 16F887 and I have s... PIC A/D and Voltage Divider

Troubleshooting I2C   [5 Articles]

Max - Apr 3 2011
I have been trying to write to a 24LC1025 EEPROM which uses an I2C interface without success. The software I2C routines that I am using are the same ones that I have successfully u... Troubleshooting I2C

24LC1025 issues

Tony Rudzki - Apr 3 2011
To the guy looking for help: Garth Wilson wrote up some help for you which I posted here. For some reason Yahoo Groups won't let him post... very odd. TonyR --=20 Tony's B... 24LC1025 issues

speed of PIC vs 8051   [5 Articles]

Mike Liu - Jan 24 2011
Hi all I have a question regarding the speed of microcontrollers. As I know that RISC mcus such as PIC need only 1 clock for each instruction while CISC need several clock (... speed of PIC vs 8051

TV remote

pseakins - Dec 8 2010
My new media player needs about 8 key presses to skip over TV commercial breaks and then another 6 or more to backtrack if I overrun. I'll have to knock up a tailor made controller... TV remote

Bootloader for PIC18F8722   [4 Articles]

k5oor - Dec 3 2010
I plan to implement an assembly language bootloader for the PIC18F8722 microcomputer using AN1310 as a guide. It seems straight forward. Anyone gone down this path before with c... Bootloader for PIC18F8722

Code not running on PIC16F88 when pic kit 3 is disconnected   [15 Articles]

Andrew - Sep 24 2010
Hi, I have a project where I have a PI16F88 to communicate with a PC via RS232, and control a relay, and read an ADC. When I have the PIC kit 3 interface connected to my board a... Code not running on PIC16F88 when pic kit 3 is disconnected

Debugging PIC12F617   [5 Articles]

Tony Rudzki - Sep 13 2010
All, Is it possible to connect a PIC12F617 and debug it as you would any other processor? The reason ... Debugging PIC12F617
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