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The purpose of this group is to foster exchange of information on the Texas Instruments MSP430 family of microcontrollers and related tools. Everyone welcome, all levels of familiarity/expertise.


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Display environment with Msp430   [16 Articles]

"" - Apr 17 2014
Hi. I am new to msp430 so any helps will be very useful for me. I have to do displaying environment with Msp430 and ultrasonic sensor. It should scan and display environment as a... Display environment with Msp430

MSP430F5438A eeprom isr works ONLY with extra print statements??   [6 Articles]

0 - Apr 16 2014
Hi Folks, I am attempting to write/read a Microchip 24FC1025 eeprom using the intrinsic i2c on a Texas Instruments MSP430F5438A chip. This may be a mistake because I got no... MSP430F5438A eeprom isr works ONLY with extra print statements??

IAR - watch window to clipboard/file   [4 Articles]

Darren Logan - Apr 1 2014
Hi all, Does anyone know if there's any way to save the contents of the IAR (v5.30) watch window to Windows clipboard or a text file? Thanks Best regards, Darren ____... IAR - watch window to clipboard/file

ECG code for ez430-rf2500   [5 Articles]

Ahmad Bin Javed - Mar 31 2014
i am using ez430 in a project, it is equipped with msp430F2274 microcontroller. My signal has a peak frequency of 40hz. i will take data continously from one pin and transmit data ... ECG code for ez430-rf2500

TI I2C Example Problems   [16 Articles]

0 - Mar 27 2014
Hey Folks, Some of you may remember I just had a problem bit-banging an i2c interface to an eeprom, Microchip 24FC1025. That problem remains unsolved, with IAR and myse... TI I2C Example Problems

Hello, I must be going . . .   [3 Articles]

0 - Mar 23 2014
The opening line of Groucho Marx song in "Animal Crackers," I wanted to share that I'm putting my MSP430 stuff in storage. I throughly enjoyed the part, the EZ430, but time as move... Hello, I must be going . . .

Brief Introduction   [5 Articles]

0 - Mar 23 2014
Hi I need books or sth like that which introduce MSP430 from A to Z I am very new to it so it is to hard to understand for me. It could be in English, Turkish or Russian languages.... Brief Introduction

Re: Brief Introduction to MSP430

paul johnston - Mar 22 2014
2 great beginner resources: 1) Beginning Microcontrollers with the MSP430 Tutorial by Gustavo Litovsky Weighing in at 112 pages the latest copy is found here: ... Re: Brief Introduction to MSP430

F5438A Rabbit Hole   [10 Articles]

0 - Mar 21 2014
Hello, Folks, I have a project I’ve been working off and on for over a year. I am using the MSP430 F5438A chip and IAR full IDE, currently at version 5.51.4, common components v... F5438A Rabbit Hole

MSp430 stack tracing   [3 Articles]

0 - Mar 16 2014
Hi I am using CCS version 5. I want to check if my stack allocation is correct or not? i had done some testing by directly writing into stack area and check the value in debug... MSp430 stack tracing
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