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This is a group for folks designing and programming embedded systems using the Rabbit Semiconductor C-programmable microcontroller. This group is not affiliated with either Rabbit or Z-World, but is a user forum for sharing ideas, asking questions, flaunting knowledge, and other typical user group stuff. The Rabbit is a powerful uC, supported by a full-featured C-compiler.


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Board Update feature   [5 Articles]

" [rabbit-semi]" - Oct 22 2014
Has anyone ever been able to get the Board Update feature to work reliably? That's where you put your new firmware on an ftp site and give the rabbit the url and it should downl... Board Update feature

Rabbit RCM4310 UDP issues   [2 Articles]

" [rabbit-semi]" - Oct 15 2014
A coworker is having some issues with UDP and asked I post this question.... When the Rabbit RCM4310 using DC10.72 is asked to send messages which require resolving multiple ... Rabbit RCM4310 UDP issues

RCM2100, RC2300, RCM3200 Boards Available

" [rabbit-semi]" - Oct 9 2014
Hi group, I appologize if this goes against the group etiquette, but I didn't know where else to post. I have a few modules laying around that I no longer need. I have RCM21... RCM2100, RC2300, RCM3200 Boards Available

CD-ROM contents for Embedded Systems Design using the Rabbit 3000 Microprocessor   [3 Articles]

" [rabbit-semi]" - Sep 21 2014
Is it possible to find the CD-ROM contents for the CD-ROM normally included in the back of the Embedded Systems Design using the Rabbit 3000 Microprocessor? I bought a used copy o... CD-ROM contents for Embedded Systems Design using the Rabbit 3000 Microprocessor

Help with UDP data handler   [5 Articles]

Jeff Powell - Aug 28 2014
I posted this as part of a different question and nobody answered so I will try again as it's own topic. I have opened a udp socket with a datahandler. I opened a second udp ... Help with UDP data handler

RCM3900 and Ethernet   [8 Articles]

seecwriter - Aug 23 2014
I have discovered an interesting mode of operation for the Ethernet interface on the RCM3900. With Ethernet configured for DHCP mode, either power up the module without the E... RCM3900 and Ethernet

IE Caching & Rabbitweb   [3 Articles]

" [rabbit-semi]" - Aug 6 2014
I have a Rabbitweb enabled web application that is running on a RCM6700 and it works great on Firefox, Chrome, Safarai, Opera and any other web browser. But if I run IE, and don't ... IE Caching & Rabbitweb

Toggle IO pin   [2 Articles]

" [rabbit-semi]" - Aug 5 2014
I am very new to Rabbit but very experienced in Microchip, etc. This chip is confusing but I am trying toi toggle Port B pin 2 with no luck....I was able to get HTTP server running... Toggle IO pin

PortB question   [13 Articles]

Sylvain Bissonnette - Aug 4 2014
Hi, I have a problem with the PORTB bit 0 I set this bit in output and I write values but without success I don't get anything from the I/O. for (i=0;i ... PortB question

UDP problem   [4 Articles]

" [rabbit-semi]" - Jul 11 2014
I have an R6k application that uses UDP broadcast messaging. And it seems to work fine. On our R3000 products we also use UDP, and we also use Scott Henion's UDPDownload fe... UDP problem
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