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looking for a MC9S12DP256 Bootloader

Started by apedroso11 January 12, 2006

I am looking for a CAN and/or Serial bootloader for HCS12 (MC9S12DP256)
and I've found several options:

1. Serial (AN2153 and AN2153SW)
2. LRAE (AN2546) and AN2720/D (Flash routines)
3. BootRom.zip (on this group, by lenux22)

- Can anybody tell me what is the easiest one to start with?

- I have tried to compile AN2153SW .asm files with CodeWarrior3.1
creating a "simulator Generic Asm project" and I get: "Error :
A12202: Not a hc12 instruction or directive"
BootDP256.Asm line 3 ---> opt nol
(I have never used assembler)

- regarding lenux22's bootRom: What IDE I need to compile the
bootrom.prj? Do I need s33 files or it's only necessary the source

Any help will be appreciated. I can share a MSCAN driver that I wrote
last year and is working now on our devices.

Thank you!

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