Illegal Breakpoint

Started by Ming Jiang July 31, 2002
Hello all, I am having a problem with my MC9S12DP256 eval board. Hopefully somebody can help me out. I set my target in ICD-12 debugger mode. Most times I ran my code by hitting F5 (Start/Continue), suddenly it would stop on its own. and I saw the bottom message changed from RUNNING to ILLEGAL_BP.

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At 08:19 AM 7/31/02 -0500, Ming Jiang wrote:
>[...] suddenly it would stop on its own. and I saw the bottom message
>changed from RUNNING to ILLEGAL_BP.

Check the program counter. There's a good chance your code went off into
bogus territory and eventually encountered a 00 byte (BGND instruction).

If your program has compiled-in BGND instructions, it might have hit one.
Sometimes BGNDs are used to catch "can't happen" cases.

A very few times, I've had this sort of thing happen when I've had a bad
connection between the BDM pod and MCU.


Stephen Trier
Technical Development Lab
Cleveland FES Center / CWRU