CAN Bootloader

Started by Graham Tricker February 15, 2005
I am actually hacking the CAN implementation within the loader to suit our
own needs, I don't believe it conforms to any standard, definitely none of
the ones we use.

I believe after reading all the info I could find on the subject that using
2 builds provides greater flexibility for future, as the actual flash
Bootloader is not resident it can be modified and sent to customers without
recalling units. Of coarse you still have the limitation that the lrae is

I am in the process of creating the PC app to drive the Bootloader, I
haven't as yet tested this but can't foresee any problems with what I know


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I'm investigating a CAN bootloader for my myself and I have a couple of
general uninformed questions:

Is this loader conformant with any of the higher level CAN implementations
like canopen, etc?

I had a cursory look under the hood and see two builds - one for the flash
the other for sram. Could not a single bootload sector have been feasible
using a stack copy scheme for the flash programming func?

What server side issues do I need to consider?

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