Interfacing MPU6050 and AT91SAM7 using i2c protocol

Started by "ank...@gmail.com [AT91SAM]" November 1, 2014
I am facing a problem in interfacing mpu6050 and AT91SAM7SE-EK using i2c protocol. I wanted to read temperature from a register of MPU6050 but I am unable to do so.
I did the following in my code:
1. Enabled the clock for twi
2. disabled the gpio pin and enabled the A-select register
3. Open drained the pins
4. cwgr value =0x2FFFF
5. mmr with the slave address 0x68, mread and 1 byte internal address
6. intenal address = 0x41
7. start signal sent
8. data has to be received but actually not.
Can anybody help me out by making my steps correct and with a testing running code.

Posted by: a...@gmail.com

What value pull-up resistors are you using on CLK and DATA? Are you able to examine the waveforms on these pins? The first step is to establish that the hardware configuration is correct.