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Any comments on STK600

Started by dr_c...@yahoo.co.uk September 1, 2012

I am planning to buy an Atmel STK 600 (Atmel code ATSTK600) to use in one of my projects. I was wondering if any AVR user has any experience with this kit. Are there any pitfalls and hints you can share with me?

I have used the STK600 and only had one surprise. The STK600 has an on-board JTAG interface but it apparently can only be used for programming, not debugging. There are headers to connect an external JTAG so that is not an issue if you have a JTAG MK-II.
That is a very strange one. Thanks for the heads up on this.

You mean there is an alternative JTAG port on the STK600 that can be used for debugging?

I am planning to use AVRONE JTAG debugger with STK600. Do you think there will be a problem using this one for debugging the STK600? It will be a real shame if STK600 is not debuggable by the AVRONE!

You can debug with the STK600.

There are two adjacent JTAG headers and a ribbon cable. If you jumper the two headers together, the on-board JTAG programmer is available but the target cannot be debugged with it.

To use an external JTAG, just disconnect the jumper ribbon cable and connect your JTAG mk II (or whatever) to the connector nearest the target.
OK. That sounds pretty straightforward and there is no problem in terms of JTAG debugging.

Relieved to hear that :)

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