16x1 lcd display only showing 8 characters

Started by "marshall.kolb" December 27, 2007
I assume this is an easy question. I am new to the BasicX and have
tried some simple projects to get started. Now I tried to use one of
the example codes listed on the BasicX page (mylcd.bas) to output text
to an lcd. I must have some code goofed up because only the first 8
characters are showing; the last 8 are "on" but they are blank (do not
display characters). The display works (I apparently haven't fried
it) because when I set it to 4-bit mode, it shows gibberish which I
took as a good sign. I am using a Lumex S01601 16 character display
(Mouser). Since the Lumex display is considered 2 8-character lines,
I have tried changing this (bx00111000) rather than (bx00110000) and
it turns the last 8 characters "on" but I can't get data to occupy
these spaces. Do I need a carriage return after the first 8
characters? The ultimate project is a leak tester for a gearbox and
the message will reflect status, etc.