Re: BasicX-24 X10Cmd Command for XM10E-120, TW523 or PSC05 Two Way X10 Interfac

Started by Patrick Gouardo January 15, 2009
Hello Ian,

Thanks for your reply and support.
I saw these lines from Dave Houston and he say that we should send 2 commands in fact, one for the HouseCode and the other for the Unit Code.
I should try this but I am new in BX-24 programming and I have to understand the fist part of the program I mentioned in my earlier message:
Const X10_P As Byte = &HC
What is the meaning of &HC in term of House Code and Unit Code in you opinion.
Do you know what I should enter here if I want to command B3?

My other problem is that these lines from Dave have been written in 2002 and I wonder if the BX24 today use the same X10Cmd commands because in the user manual I downloaded recently, there is no mention of this double command, one for HouseCode and the other for UnitCode.
Could it be a bug?

I should say that I have send 2 messages to Support at Netmedia, I did not get a reply and this disappointed me.

Thanks and Best Regards.



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Subject: [BasicX] Re: BasicX-24 X10Cmd Command for XM10E-120, TW523 or PSC05 Two Way X10 Interfac

I never used X10
Way back when, there was an X10 project called BX24-AHT, you could
also do a quick search for that too. more on a web search.
look around in the archives on these dates.
2002 11 June - 2 July Dave Houston made the BX24-AHT
2004 25-29 Jan, 27 April
2005 Feb 27 , Nov 26
there's just not much here on X10.
personally, I'd look for other options.

Quote Dave Houston 2 July 2002
"The key code can be either the unit code (015) or the function code
(1631). There is a sample file that defines all of the X10
constants. Repeat is the number of times you want to send the code.
It should be 1 except for Dim/Bright commands."
maybe look in the files section?

I hope this helps


--- In basicx@yahoogroups. com, "gouardopatrick"
> Hello,
> I would like to come back on this issue of X10 Command with BasicX-
> 24 because I have a lot of problem to find the proper support and
> proper answers to simple questions I have.
> I like to send simple command to XM10E Interface which is a version
> of TW523 or PSC05 Two Way PowerLine Interface.
> I have purchased the book from Chris D. Odom about BasicX but this
> book is more orientated toward Robotics.
> There are not many books on the BasicX 24.
> There is not a lot of forum talking about the BasicX in general, I
> found another site but this site is about BasicX for Robotics only.
> In the BasicX user manual about the X10 command, I have found this
> program:
> Option Explicit
> Public Sub Main()
> Const X10_P As Byte = &HC
> Const X10_Dim As Byte = &H9
> Const X10_Bright As Byte = &HB
> Call X10Cmd(16, 17, X10_P, X10_Dim, 8)
> Call Delay(1.0)
> Call X10Cmd(16, 17, X10_P, X10_Bright, 8)
> End Sub
> I have try to run it connecting the Pin 16 and 17 of the BasicX to
> the XM10 as per info I found page 10 of the BasicX Development
> Station PCB from Netmedia but nothing happen.
> The XM10 led should blink to acknowledge receipt of proper command.
> But I do not understand the program and do not know what value enter
> if for example I want to put On a device connected to B3 Appliance
> Module for example or to put OFF the same device on B3.
> Below are the details of the command I found in the manual but I
> like that somebody spare some time if possible to help me to
> understand.
> Call X10Cmd(PinOut, Pin60Hz, HouseCode, KeyCode, RepeatCycles)
> For an X10 device, you have 16 House Codes from A to P and 16 Unit
> Codes
> The line above makes reference to House Code Only. What about Unit
> Codes.
> 1- Where do I found the HouseCode for A1 to P16 and the Keycode for
> the main commands like ON, OFF, all light On, all Light Off etc ?
> 2- What code should I enter for KeyCode for various commands to
> control X10 devices (ON, OFF, All Lights On, All Lights Off, etc)?
> 3- Later I would be interested to know how to read the codes send by
> an X10 device ,.
> Thanks for your help and understanding.
> Best Regards.
> Patrick.


I can tell you that NetMedia support never received your emails. When did you send them?

What is your question? Are you using this code? :

'House ID
Const X10_A As Byte = &H6
Const X10_B As Byte = &HE
Const X10_C As Byte = &H2
Const X10_D As Byte = &HA
Const X10_E As Byte = &H1
Const X10_F As Byte = &H9
Const X10_G As Byte = &H5
Const X10_H As Byte = &HD
Const X10_I As Byte = &H7
Const X10_J As Byte = &HF
Const X10_K As Byte = &H3
Const X10_L As Byte = &HB
Const X10_M As Byte = &H0
Const X10_N As Byte = &H8
Const X10_O As Byte = &H4
Const X10_P As Byte = &HC

'Unit ID
Const X10_1 As Byte = &HC
Const X10_2 As Byte = &H1C
Const X10_3 As Byte = &H4
Const X10_4 As Byte = &H14
Const X10_5 As Byte = &H2
Const X10_6 As Byte = &H12
Const X10_7 As Byte = &HA
Const X10_8 As Byte = &H1A
Const X10_9 As Byte = &HE
Const X10_10 As Byte = &H1E
Const X10_11 As Byte = &H6
Const X10_12 As Byte = &H16
Const X10_13 As Byte = &H0
Const X10_14 As Byte = &H10
Const X10_15 As Byte = &H8
Const X10_16 As Byte = &H18

Const X10_AllUnitsOff As Byte = &H1
Const X10_AllLightsOn As Byte = &H3
Const X10_On As Byte = &H5
Const X10_Off As Byte = &H7
Const X10_Dim As Byte = &H9
Const X10_Bright As Byte = &HB
Const X10_AllLightsOff As Byte = &HD
Const X10_ExtendedCode As Byte = &HF
Const X10_HailRequest As Byte = &H11
Const X10_HailAcknowledge As Byte = &H13
Const X10_PreSetDim0 As Byte = &H15
Const X10_PreSetDim1 As Byte = &H17
Const X10_ExtendedData As Byte = &H19
Const X10_StatusOn As Byte = &H1B
Const X10_StatusOff As Byte = &H1D
Const X10_StatusRequest As Byte = &H1F

Const Clock_Pin As Byte = 8
Const X10_Out As Byte = 7
Const X10_In As Byte = 6

Sub Main()

Call sleep(512)
Call x10cmd(7, 8, X10_P, X10_1, 2)

Call putpin(12, 0)
Call x10cmd(X10_Out, Clock_Pin, X10_P, X10_On, 2)
Call sleep(30)
Call x10cmd(X10_Out, Clock_Pin, X10_P, X10_Off, 2)
Call putpin(12, 1)
Call sleep(30)
End Sub