Problems with SDFlash when programming 28335

Started by xingxingxie April 22, 2010
Hi,everybody.I download the file:"setupCCSPlatinum_v30330.exe","sdf28xx_v3_3_serial.exe" and install them, setup the sdopts.cfg file in system32 derectory.Connect a serial cable between the DSP SCI-A and PC, set the boot mode to SCI-A mode.
Modify the project Settings, but when I power up the DSP, reset the SDFlash, below message appear in the programming flash output window:

MSG:Unloading driver
MSG:Reloading driver
MSG:User must now get target to bootload state
MSG:Interface version 1

When I click the FLASH button,Error appears:

MSG:Conneting to target
ERR:Failed connection to the target

ps:I ever programmed serial program to the DSP,it works well,so the DSP and the serial port and wire is connect ok.
ps again: I tried to changed baud rate from 19200 to 9600, nothing changed.