Call for Contribution

Started by afortis February 25, 2009
Dear Author,

Annals. Computer Science Series is an international electronic journal
publishing original scientific research papers presented in the
framework of the 5th International Conference "Actualities and
Perspectives in Hardware and Software", event organized under the high
patronage of the Romanian Academy.
Annals. Computer Science Series intends to stimulate the research
activity and to establish interactions between Romanian and foreign
researchers, teachers, B. Sc. and M. Sc. students and specialists,
through its on-line version:


The topics of interest are:

=95	Algorithms & Complexity
=95	Computational Mathematics
=95	Graphics & Multimedia
=95	Fundamentals of Programming
=95	Operating Systems
=95	Software Engineering & Industrial Applications
=95	Informational Society
=95	Applied Computer Science in Medicine
=95	Applied Computer Science in Economics
This list is not intended to be exhaustive.  We invite submissions,
before March 27th , 2009, in the form of:
=95	full research papers
=95	short papers (work in progress)
=95	systems=92 descriptions and software demonstrations

For further information and enquiries you might have, please contact
the Editorial Board at conference.fcia@tibiscus.ro

The Editorial Board thanks you and hopes to receive your paper(s)!

Assist. Prof. Alexandra Fortis, Ph. D. Candidate
Assistant Editor-in-Chief, Annals. Computer Science Series
=93Tibiscus=94 University of Timisoara, Romania
Faculty of Computers and Applied Computer Science