USBasp programmer-modified to program AVR powered from 2V to 5V

Started by wzab April 26, 2010
USBasp ( designed by Thomas Fischl is a very
nice and cheap AVR ISP programmer. 
However the original version theoretically does not allow to program AVRs
powered from voltages lower than 5V.

Because I wanted to use it to program new AVRs working at c.a. 2V, I had to
modify the original circuit.

To keep design as simple as possible and to avoid using integrated level
converters (which are sometimes difficult to buy), I have decided to use
simple transistor keys with Schottky diodes to convert logic levels.

Such keys however invert the signals, so I had to modify the firmware.
Final result (schematic diagram and modified sources) are available
on my website .

I hope that someone may found it useful.