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Loading kernel from SDCARD

Started by tamamontu August 11, 2010
I have a EP9307 based custom designed board. At present it is using the
same setup as the development kit for EP9307.

At present we use redboot to download zimage on to flash and then boot the
kernel by loading it into sdram.

I want to load the Zimage from SDCARD directly. I have modified first
bootloader to load from EEprom, This in turn loads the second stage
bootloader which initializes the SDCARD and loads a test program.

I have been reading about kernel boot process.



All the paramters are passed as a tags list to the kernel. At present
redboot is passing them. Is there any way to see what these paramaters
Secondly do i need to have a decompression code in the second stage
bootloader to decompress Zimage.

According to the second link Zimage already has a decompression code
inbuilt which is used to decompress Zimage.

I am bit confused here. Can some please give some inputs on this.
All I want to do is load Zimage, Ramdisk from SDCARD. I am new to linux
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