Code for ATmega88 to receive I2S data (one channel) at 24bit/48kHz

Started by wzab January 12, 2011

I've published (as PUBLIC DOMAIN) on alt.sources
my code alllowing to receive and process the 24-bit/48kHz data 
from the I2S ADC (like CS5343) or left-justified I2S-like ADC (like CS5344). 
Of course only one channel is received!
The code was tested on ATmega88 with 18.432MHz clock
The clock to ADC was provided by the pin (PCINT0/CLKO/ICP1) PB0
(of course the clock output was enabled in the fuse bits!). 
The topic of post on alt.sources is the same.
You can also find it on Google:

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