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Problem with example of ethernet bootloader for LPC2300

Started by maximb January 12, 2011
Hi, all.

Recently I downloaded the latest version of FlashMagic tool (version
5.74.2160) with secondary Ethernet bootloader example for LPC2300
The provided example of bootloader code is for LPC2364 and the example
application (Blinky) is for LPC2378.

My custom board is based on LPC2368 and my final intention is to allow
in-field firmware upgrade using Ethernet link, when the secondary
bootloader will be invoked from application level using an IAP call.
Now, before trying to run the examples provided with FlashMagic
installation, I changed them as follows:
- In 'Options for Target'->'Device' I picked the LPC2368.
- In 'Options for Target'->'Target' I set the IROM1 size to 0x80000
- In the sbl_config.h file I enabled the 'Ethernet Debug' mode and disabled
the 'Activity Indication Led'
- Instead of using a led for bootloader activity indication, I put a
several printf calls right after init_serial() in the Blinky's main

After both projects were re-built (using Keil compiler), I loaded the
bootloader HEX file using FlashMagic tool via serial connection. When
finished, I re-powered the board and then loaded the Blinky's HEX via
Ethernet connection, which gave me an indication that the secondary
ethernet bootloader is functioning.
Later, I re-powered the target board again in hope to see any indication of
Blinky's application activity , but got nothing. The HyperTerminal seems to
be configured correctly - accordingly to how the UART is configured by the

Please advise what I miss. My main concern is why the application loaded
using the secondary bootloader does not start.

Thanking you in advance.

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