WTD Addressable RS485 to RS232 Serial converters

Started by Joseph Goldburg May 23, 2004
Hi All,

I am looking for RS232 to RS485 serial converters.

The converter should have a small buffer 20 bytes to 1k bytes.

The converter should have an RS485 address.

Thus the converter listens to the RS485 bus traffic.... if it spots it's
address then
a. It listens for a quite time on the RS485 bus then transmits header
address and then the data.

Any other data system that uses RS485 would be interesting.

Any points to products or ideas would be appreciated.


On Sun, 23 May 2004 21:49:53 +1000, "Joseph Goldburg"
<wizard1@SPAMnetspace.net.au> wrote:

>The converter should have an RS485 address.
There is no such thing as an RS-485 address. However, you can run dozens of different protocols that can address multiple slaves, however, each encode the address in a different way. For instance Modbus RTU encodes the slave address as a single byte at the beginning of the message, while Modbus Ascii uses the second and third byte to decode the slave address as hexadecimal characters. Profibus-DP uses a single byte to encode the slave address. If you want that the converter would do some routing decisions, then you must specify which protocol you are using. Paul