Mult-core simulator, emulator advice

Started by Unknown March 3, 2013
Hi all,

Just want to know if there are any good simulators/emulators I can use to simulate a multi-core system on a standard desktop PC (intel core i3, 4gb ram etc.)

need to experiment on:

   - Implementing a 2x2-4x4 Network on chip based multi core system (cores can be low end ARM cores for example. homogenous)
   - Performance is an issue (so i think Qemu isn't going to work)
   - Need to run uCLinux/FreeRTOS/(or some small footprint OS) on top of the above cores (experiment with shared mem/distributed mem/MPI mechanisms)
   - Looked at OVPSim, seems interesting, any downsides ?
   - Simulators should be fast ! as I will be modifying the kernels to perform some algorithms. so not cycle accurate of course, but maybe instruction accurate.

Finally once the simulations are complete, will be testing on FPGA.

any sort of ideas are welcome!