The 2024 Embedded Online Conference

Call for Participation: ACM SIGPLAN TRUST'14 @ PLDI'14 with a panel on conference artifact evaluation and reproducible research

Started by Unknown May 2, 2014
                  CALL FOR PARTICIPATION

      ACM SIGPLAN TRUST 2014 co-located with PLDI 2014

     1st Workshop on Reproducible Research Methodologies 
     and New Publication Models  in Computer Engineering

               June 12, 2014, Edinburgh, UK
   Early PLDI and workshop registration deadline: 7 May 2014


       Make sure to tick the box for the TRUST workshop  

* Panel on conference artifact evaluation experience


  - Jan Vitek (Purdue University, USA)
  - Shriram Krishnamurthi (Brown University, USA)
  - Christophe Dubach (University of Edinburgh, UK)
  - Grigori Fursin (INRIA, France)

* Talks:

  1) "Invited presentation"
     Christian Collberg, University of Arizona, USA

  2) "CARE, the Comprehensive Archiver for Reproducible Execution"
     Yves Janin, Cedric Vincent and Remi Duraffort
     STMicroelectronics, France

  3) "Academia 2.0: removing the publisher middle-man while retaining impact"
     Raphael Poss (A), Sebastian Altmeyer (A), Mark Thompson (B), Rob Jelier (C)
     (A) University of Amsterdam, Netherlands
     (B) L.U.M.C., Netherlands
     (C) KU Leuven, Belgium 

  4) "Falsifiability of network security research: 
     the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly"
     Dennis Gamayunov, Lomonosov Moscow State University, Russia 

  5) "Software in reproducible research: advice and best practice 
     collected from experiences at the Collaborations Workshop"
     Mario Antonioletti, Neil Chue Hong, Stephen Crouch, Alexander Hay, 
     Simon Hettrick, Devasena Inupakutika, Mike Jackson, Aleksandra Pawlik, 
     Giacomo Peru, John Robinson, Shoaib Sufi, Les Carr, David De Roure, 
     Carole Goble, and Mark Parsons, UK 

  6) "Introducing OCCAM project"
     Bruce Chillders, University of Pittsburgh, USA 
Preliminary schedule and further information is available 
at the TRUST workshop website:


The 2024 Embedded Online Conference