Favorite VM for development?

Started by Dave Nadler July 12, 2014
Hi All - First, thanks for your suggestions and comments.

First I tried VirtualBox - it was an unmitigated disaster.
I initially tried an older release:
- didn't work at all until the "Windows XP compatibility flag" was set
- didn't even connect to USB device until all descriptions
  of device were cleared in the "USB device filter"
Disappointingly, both above are long-standing bugs (years) which the
developers haven't fixed, and there are numerous incorrect solutions
sprinkled about the web, good for copious time-wastage.
Finally, though the TI tools work AOK, Microchip's ICD3 device driver
failed to start.
The current VirtualBox release doesn't even install, see:
OK, enough time wasted on VirtualBox...

VMware seems to work!
I converted the above image, de-installed VirtualBox helpers,
and installed VMware helpers. Unfortunately the driver changes
provoked the Windows Activation nightmare, but I'll sort that
out with a new OEM license for the client.

So, VMware it is for now,
Thanks again,
Best Regards, Dave