Add Cloning Capabilities to RCM3319

Started by arkaneedthese August 18, 2015
Hello All, 

I am new to the forums, previously have been lurking throughout the
forums. I have a rabbit core 3319 micro controller that has source code
that I no longer have access to. I was wondering if there was a way I
could clone this device using rabbit core cloning tool. 

After some reading I found that the enabling of cloning is dependent
parameters set on the master 3319 chip. My main question is, is there a
way for me to set the parameters of the 3319 master chip to allow cloning
without flashing the entire program on to the chip. Once again I no longer
have access to the original C code, but was hoping if there may be a
method one of yall may have used to flash parameters to the 3319 without
having to flash the source code as well. 

Is there a way to flash just the bios to the chip without it overwriting
the flash memory portion containing my unrecoverable source code. 

I would really appreciate if anyone could help me out, I don't know if all
of this is possible, I could really use a second opinion. 

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