Memleak in basic system

Started by wimpunk September 22, 2016
On 28.9.16 23:16, wimpunk wrote:
> On 28/09/16 20:03, Tauno Voipio wrote: >> On 28.9.16 19:24, wimpunk wrote: >>> On 22/09/16 10:51, wimpunk wrote: >>>> Hi, >>>> >>>> I'm stuck with a nasty problem. I'm running an 4.4.13 based kernel with >>>> a busybox on an ARM-system but it seems to leak memory... during the >>>> working hours. >>>> I know it is not the best way to do but I've monitoring the MemFree >>>> value from /proc/meminfo and I'm losing 2M/hour. It's not that big but >>>> having 100M memory free makes it crash after two days. Or at least what >>>> I think makes it crash, I need more monitored data to be sure. >>>> >>>> So I'm wondering: how would you monitor such kind of problem? How to >>>> find out if it is a kernel issue or related to some running program? >>>> >>>> Kind regards, >>>> >>>> wimpunk. >>>> >>> >>> >>> All, >>> >>> Thanks for the suggestions. It looks like it was just some normal linux >>> actions which were going on. Letting the system run for a week showed >>> us no memleak. MemFree just goes a little up and down and we were >>> worrying to early. So I was just panicking a little to early. Now can >>> add our normal programs and try to find out which one is leaking. We >>> got issues on running systems so that's why I started to look at my >>> basic system in the first place. >>> >>> Kind regards, >>> >>> wimpunk. >>> >> >> Get yourself a good book on Linux kernel and read the chapters about >> memory management, so you'll understand. Unused RAM is excess RAM. >> >> One possible book is: Understanding the Linux Kernel. >> > > Nah, I just needed more coffee and so I would watch the correct values. > I made the wrong associations and thought the problem was bigger because > of the scaling of the monitoring system. > Although, thanks for the suggestion about the book. Next thing on my > shortlist is fixing a bug in a usb wifi kernel module. >
For that, there is another book, Linux Device Drivers by Corbet et al. -- -TV