Linux and Yocto Project Training 2018, Germany

Started by Sunil Kumar December 1, 2017
Toradex is offering an enterprising three-day course in collaboration with KOAN
Embedded Software Engineering to teach everything that you need to get started with
embedded Linux and Yocto. You will be guided step-by-step by experienced trainer
Marco Cavallini. The course is for a maximum of 10 attendees and will be held at the
Victor's Residenz Hotel Munich, Germany, from January 23-25, 2018.

The course is targeted at everybody who is interested to get started with Yocto on
embedded devices; for example, if you are a Linux PC user or an application
programmer who likes to target ARM® embedded devices, or are familiar with other
build systems. It’s also ideal to attend if you are at the beginning of a
project, as you will be guided through the complete setup. Basic Linux and C/C++
programming skills are recommended.

Time and Date: January 23-25, 2018

Price: 1500* Euros

Venue: Victor's Residenz Hotel Munich, Germany

For Registration: