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                    23rd International Conference on
            Reliable Software Technologies - Ada-Europe 2018
                   18-22 June 2018, Lisbon, Portugal
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Press release:

23rd Ada-Europe Conference on Reliable Software Technologies

International experts meet in Lisbon

Lisbon, Portugal (12 June 2018) - The University Lisboa and Ada-Europe
organize from 18 to 22 June 2018 the "23rd International Conference on
Reliable Software Technologies - Ada-Europe 2018" in Lisbon, Portugal.
The event is organized in cooperation with the Ada Resource Association
(ARA), and with ACM's Special Interest Groups on Ada (SIGAda), on
Embedded Systems (SIGBED) and on Programming Languages (SIGPLAN).

The Ada-Europe series of conferences has over the years become
a leading international forum for providers, practitioners and
researchers in reliable software technologies.  These events
highlight the increased relevance of Ada in general and in safety- 
and security-critical systems in particular, and provide a unique
opportunity for interaction and collaboration between academics and
industrial practitioners.

This year's conference offers two days of parallel tutorials and
workshops, three keynotes, a full technical program of refereed
papers and industrial presentations, an industrial exhibition and
vendor presentations, and a social program.

Eight excellent tutorials on Monday and Friday cover a broad range
of topics: Recent Developments in SPARK 2014; Scheduling analysis of
AADL architecture models; Access types and memory management in Ada
2012; Numerics for the Non-Numerical Analyst; Writing Contracts in
Ada; Introduction to Libadalang; Unit-testing with Ahven; Frama-C,
a Framework for Analysing C Code.

In addition, on Monday the conference hosts the new workshop on
"Runtime Verification and Monitoring Technologies for Embedded Systems"
(RUME 2018), and on Friday for the 5th consecutive year the workshop
on "Challenges and new Approaches for Dependable and Cyber-Physical
Systems Engineering" (DeCPS 2018).

Three eminent keynote speakers have been invited to open each day of
the core conference program.  Paulo Esteves-Ver�ssimo (University of
Luxembourg, Luxembourg), on "Security and Dependability Challenges
of Information Technology (IT) and Operational Technology (OT)
Integration".  Carl Brandon (Vermont Technical College, USA), on
"From Physicist to Rocket Scientist, and how to make a CubeSat that
works".  Erhard Pl�dereder (University of Stuttgart, Germany), on
"Vulnerabilities in Safety, Security, and Privacy".

The technical program presents 10 refereed and carefully selected
technical papers and 4 presentations on the latest research, new tools,
applications and industrial practice and experience, a collection of
12 industrial presentations reflecting current practice and challenges,
and vendor presentations.  Springer Verlag publishes all peer-reviewed
papers in the proceedings of the conference, as LNCS Vol. 10873.
The remainder of the proceedings will be published in the Ada User
Journal, the quarterly magazine of Ada-Europe.

The industrial exhibition opens Tuesday morning in the networking
area and runs until the end of Thursday afternoon.  Exhibitors include
AdaCore, PTC Developer Tools, Rapita Systems, and Ada-Europe.

The social program includes on Tuesday evening a Welcome Reception on
board of modern catamaran, to see Lisbon from a different perspective
and watch the sunset from the Tagus river.  On Wednesday evening
will be the traditional Ada-Europe Conference Banquet, held at
the restaurant "A Casa do Bacalhau", which means "The House of the
Codfish", located in the old stables of the Duke of Laf�es palace.
Each day, coffee breaks in the exhibition area and sit-down lunches
offer ample time for interaction and networking.

The Best Paper Award will be presented during the Conference Banquet,
the Best Presentation Award during the Closing session.

The conference is hosted by Univ. Lisboa at the VIP Executive Art's
Hotel, strategically located in the Parque das Na��es area, Lisbon's
modern business centre, close to the Tagus river and the Vasco da
Gama bridge, and can easily be accessed by metro.

The full program is available on the conference web site.
Online registration is still possible.


Latest updates:

The 16-page "Final Program" is available at

Check out the 8 tutorials in the PDF program, or in the schedule at

Registration fees are very reasonable and the registration process is
done on-line.  Don't delay!  For all details, select "Registration"
at <http://www.ada-europe.org/conference2018> or go directly to

The proceedings, published by Springer Verlag as Lecture Notes
in Computer Science Vol. 10873, are already available online.
See <https://link.springer.com/book/10.1007/978-3-319-92432-8>.
A printed copy is included in every full conference registration.

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