H8S/2314 flash programming

Started by February 21, 2005
I'm having a bit of a problem writing a bootloader for the Renesas
The problem seems to be that i'm unable to write to the flash memory.
So far, the problems seems to be that i'm unable to assert the FWE bit,
however i'm able to program it using the Flash Development toolkit (so
it enters bootmode, which implies that the FWE bit is asserted). I've
put a switch connected to the corresponding pin (60), if I disable the
switch it doesn't enter boot mode, with it enabled it enters.
However, I'm unable to enter user programming mode, no matter what
position the switch is. When I try to read the FLMCR1 register I always
read 0x00.
Offcourse I tried the code in AP125 and AP130, to no use. I've even
written my own routines, an literal transposition of the flowchart,
checked and double checked all the timings, tried diferent chips, but
always to the same result... Can't erase the flash, nor program it.

Anyone as written some in application programming code for this part or
some other part in the 2319 family that is willing to share some hints?


Luciano Almeida

And received an response of-group regarding the problem.
I need to assert the FLSHE bit in the SYSCR2 register to access the
flash control registers.
Damm documentation...