.gitignore for Eclipse CDT

Started by pozz December 2, 2019
Many free IDE from silicon vendors (such as ST and NXP) are Eclipse-CDT 

Could you suggest a good .gitignore file? Mainly I don't know if it's 
better to ignore or add .settings folder, .project and .cproject files.

I think it's useful to add in CVS the options passed to compiler and 
linker, so another use could checkout and compile in the same way.
On Monday, December 2, 2019 at 5:21:10 PM UTC-5, pozz wrote:
> better to ignore or add .settings folder, .project and .cproject files??
You'll definitely want .project and .cproject under source control. After you've finally got the project working, RubeMX will trash them when you regenerate. .settings I save as well. Here's my typical .gitignore: **/Debug/ **/Release/ **/html/ **/Backup/ **/*.bak **/.~lock.* Hope that helps! Best Regards, Dave