Memfault State of IoT Report

New version of UML state chart code generator is even more flexible in creating high quality C-code

Started by pmue...@sinelabore.com September 27, 2023
Sinelabore generates compact and readable C code from UML statecharts. There are a number of ways to fine-tune the generated code by setting configuration parameters. C code can now be generated according to these patterns:

Object pattern: Instance related data is always grouped in a struct. All state machine related functions operate on this data struct.
Opaque object pattern: This is similar to the object pattern, but hides the implementation from the outside of the generating state machine code.
Single instance pattern: For code where only one instance exists - e.g. interrupted handlers.

Get started right now: https://www.sinelabore.de/doku.php/start > Backends > C

Memfault State of IoT Report