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HC11 Transistor Architecture

Started by harivj November 2, 2005
Noone wrote:
> Only the old duffers in the group would remember RTL. > (I be one). Fairchild was the supplier I remember best.
Everett M. Greene wrote:
> Wasn't Fairchild the only supplier?
No, there were many suppliers. Motorola and TI also made RTL. I think Signetics did as well, but I'm not 100% certain. Motorola may have been the vendor to most recently discontinue RTL; some of the RTL parts were still available from them in the late 1980s. Eric
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harivj <harivj@rediffmail.com> wrote:
>Hai > >Is there anybody give me guidance about RTL implementation of the complete >68HC11. I am involved in design of one such at transistor level and none of >the book or online reference talk about pure hardware implementation. All I >could see is how to program a HC11 but not how to build one. Any >information in this regard would help.
Look for the "Cycle-by-Cycle Bus Activity" description in the programmers reference or datasheet. Digging on the bookshelf, the old (1985) Programmer's Manual MC68HC11PM/AD gives a lot more information on what happens on a cycle by cycle basis than the later Reference Manual (which puts this on the page for each instruction instead of a seperate section). Getting a more detailed block diagram (than shows up in the later 68HC11 documents) of the CPU section out of a 6800 or 6801 may add some insight. Mark Zenier mzenier@eskimo.com Googleproofaddress(account:mzenier provider:eskimo domain:com)

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