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Started by Chris Stephens May 15, 2006
Computer Solutions is now supplying the Embest range of ARM Development 
tools.  These include UNetICE, a low-cost, high-speed JTAG emulator for ARM 
processors, Debugging and Flash programming software to support it and a 
wide range of ARM Evaluation Boards.

UNetICE connects the USB or Ethernet port of a PC to the JTAG interface of 
the ARM target board and allows flash programming and debugging. It is 
available with supporting software includes an integrated development 
environment with a GCC (GNU Compiler Collection) compiler ready linked along 
with evaluation boards to give 'out of the box' program development.

With UNetICE, a user can download target programs, examine memory and 
registers, single-step through programs, insert multiple breakpoints, run 
programs in real time, and program on and off-chip flash memory. Support is 
provided for two hardware breakpoints, two data breakpoints and unlimited 
software breakpoints. The new unit supports all ARM7 and ARM9 kernel CPUs, 
and is designed for use with Windows 98/NT/2000/XP host PCs via a 10/100M 
Ethernet port or USB port. It includes a standard 20-pin JTAG port for 
connecting to the target, and will download and debug at speeds of 200-800 
Kbytes/sec. It can either be powered from the USB port or from a separate 
power supply.

The Embest IDE provides a simple and versatile graphical user interface with 
tools for creating applications for ARM processors. It facilitates the 
management and development of projects, establishes and manages host-target 
communication, as well as running and debugging applications. It 
incorporates an integrated source-code editor, GNU compilers, assembler and 
linker, a GNU ANSI C library, and a source-level debugger. In addition to 
supporting the Embest IDE, UNetICE also provides support for the GNU 
Debugger (GDB), as well as the ARM ADS and SDT debugger standards and all 
compilers that comply with that.

A range of low-cost ARM core evaluation boards for the Philips, 
STMicroelectronics, Atmel, Samsung, Cirrus Logic and Intel are also 

Prices for the UNetICE start at less than 450 UKPounds (650 Euro) , and 
evaluation boards at 100 UKPounds (150 Euro)

For more details visit our web site

The Embest range of products is now available, most for next day delivery, 
from our web shop

Regards,  Chris

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I thought advertising was not supposed to happen on here?

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>Computer Solutions is now supplying the Embest range of ARM Development >tools.
but if we are going to have advertising lets be fair:- I can supply Keil, IAR, Segger ARM debugging tools see www.phaedsys.org Greenhills www.ghreenhills.com supply their own as do Nohau www.nohau.com, iSystem www.isystem.com and Hitex www.hitex.com Then there are the top end systems:- www.lauterbach.com and at the other end of the scale you can pick up any number of simple wiggler JTAG all over the place. BTW I think Ashling are no longer with us. -- \/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\ \/\/\/\/\ Chris Hills Staffs England /\/\/\/\/ /\/\/ chris@phaedsys.org www.phaedsys.org \/\/\ \/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/