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Debugging 3 applications using CCS

Started by karthikbg January 10, 2007

This is all about Debugging the Booting .

There are 3 projects :
1) BootROM
2) Bootloader
3) Application.

Inside BootROM, i call the Bootloader after checking certain condition.
Inside Bootloader, I invoke tha corresponding Application from the
Flash memory based on certain condition.

Thus, I have a BootROM, BootLoader & application projects.

I need to debug sequentially(step into) starting from the BootROM
project, which inturn will be handing over the control(step into) to
the Bootloader project and later step into application project that
gets invoked by the bootloader.

If i debug the BootROM , i am unable to trace/debug the point it
handles the control over to the Bootloader as both are separate
projects. But, in the code BootROM calls the Bootloader finally.
As soon as the control moves out of the BootROM, I am unable to place
breakpoints and debug the flow after that into the Bootloader.
In the same manner, if i place breakpoints and debug the bootloader, i
am unable to get control over the application as these both are
separate projects.

So, how to have control over all these projects and place breakpoints
on all the three projects which operate in a sequence and debug the
Booting Process ?

How to debug the 3 Projects in a sequential flow for resolving booting
issues using CCS (Code Composer Studio) ??   ( I use OMAP 5912).

Kindly give some ideas/suggestions for this.

Thx in advans,
Karthik Balaguru

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