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TI MSP430 SPI Receive Error

Started by Unknown February 26, 2007

We are using two MSP430s that talk through an SPI interface.  One MSP
is the master, and the other MSP is the slave.

Our problem is, the slave MSP is incorrectly receiving data.  Through
our logic analyzer and the IAR debugger, we can see that the master
MSP is correctly receiving data and sending it out.  We can also see
that the slave is properly transmitting data.

The problem is that the slave MSP is not receiving in the correct
byte.  The data comes in, but the byte is not correctly interpreted by
the MSP.

We've stepped through the initialization of the registers and compared
them with the datasheet to verify that they are being set to the
correct values.

Does anyone have any tips on getting our chips working and talking?
Has anyone else encountered errors like this?


Memfault State of IoT Report